what is Adlab?


AdLab is the country’s largest student-run agency, operating out of the College of Communication at Boston University.

We’re the future of advertising, providing clients with innovative creations that cut through the noise. Our undergraduate and graduate students work together to blend their creativity and strategic insights on projects that drive business results. 

Under the guidance of industry-veteran faculty advisors, we create work that’s meaningful. Work that drives business results. Work that gets people talking. 

Work that works.

This is AdLab.





Each project includes in-depth research where we study your target audience’s motivations, behaviors, and attitudes. We conduct both surveys and research groups to ensure we’re make strong, logical data-driven decisions.


We get into the minds of your customers, learn what makes your business unique, and use that as the foundation to help you set long-term goals for your brand. This guides our work as we build powerful campaigns and help you stand out from the crowd.


From logo design to typography and color palette development, we create rich visuals that attract consumers and create conversations.


We create content that catches your consumers’ eyes. Ranging from brochures to billboards and everything in between, we’ll construct print ads that align with both your brand and your advertising goals.


We’re passionate about creating cross-channel campaigns that break through the noise and get your business noticed. Whether it’s a social media campaign or digital banners, we’ll create ads that increase clicks, likes, shares, and more importantly -- conversions.


Our interactive team concepts, designs, and develops websites and landing pages for a variety of industries. Whether it’s e-commerce, tech, or anything else your company sells, we create a user friendly design so that you can boost your business.


Whether it’s video, motion, animation, or audio, our production team creates engaging content your customers will want to watch, and then rewatch a couple of more times.


We create combined campaigns too, blending our services to create the buzz you desire.